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How to Start Your $100k Clothing Brand (E-book)

How to Start Your $100k Clothing Brand (E-book)

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"The most extensive and in-depth book on how to start a clothing brand on the planet..."

How to Start Your $100k Clothing Brand is the #1 clothing brand book in the world which shows you the EXACT steps you need to start a brand with $0... yes $0, and grow it to a 6-figure brand.

This book contains 100+ pages of straight gems to help you start the clothing brand you have always dreamed of!

How to Start Your $100k Clothing Brand contains everything you need to know to start your clothing brand today, including:

  • Understanding the purpose and mission of your clothing brand
  • Developing the "success mindset" needed to build a successful brand
  • Recommended books and resources for your clothing brand entrepreneurship journey
  • Discovering your target audience
  • 4 different methods of manufacturing for your clothing brand
  • How to properly fulfill and ship orders
  • How to unlock the power of BRANDING
  • How to optimize your Shopify store for success
  • The best Shopify apps to use to increase conversions
  • How to get a kiosk in the mall for your clothing brand
  • How to conduct pop-up shops
  • How to run successful pre-orders for your brand
  • Key metrics to look at in order to scale
  • The 3 Ways to Sell More
  • The best methods of advertising your brand
  • How to run profitable Facebook/IG and TikTok ads
  • The EXACT ad template we used to drive hundreds of thousands of dollars
  • How to grow your social media following overnight
  • The exact script to send to influencers to get them to rock your merch
  • How to officially set up your brand legally
  • How to trademark your brand name and logo
  • How to establish excellent customer service
  • How to deal with negative customers
  • Proper financial principles to understand in order to make as much money as possible from your brand
  • How to establish business credit and get lenders to give you same-day money to grow your clothing brand
  • The exact method to systematically make $100k/year and more from your clothing brand

Plus more!...

If you're not that serious about owning your own successful clothing brand, then this isn't for you.

But you are serious about learning the information you need to start and grow your clothing brand to the $100k mark, than no more needs to be said...

Don't procrastinate on your dreams any longer.

Take action today. 

Grab your copy of How to Start Your $100k Clothing Brand NOW!

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