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$100K BRAND MENTORSHIP (Extended) (Monthly Subscription)

$100K BRAND MENTORSHIP (Extended) (Monthly Subscription)

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*This program is for those who haven't started their brand or make under $5k/month. If your brand is making over $5k+/month, consider the Platinum mentorship

In your 1-on-1 $100K Brand Mentorship (Platinum) program, you will receive 24/7 personal access to me and get to walk with me step-by-step as I show you the PROVEN and SIMPLE steps to take your brand from $0 to the $100k mark!


This program consists of an initial Welcome Call and 24/7 personal access to my phone to communicate about building and scaling your brand!

Whether you haven't started your brand yet or have already made progress, in this 1-on-1 call you and I will talk about your brand in great detail and personalize the steps to clothing brand success for you specifically.

In your Welcome Call, I will:

  • Get to know you and the story behind your brand

  • Develop the reason WHY behind your brand

  • Help you discover your perfect customer

  • Finding reputable manufacturers for your brand
  • Walk you through the 4 Keys to e-commerce brand building

  • Walk you through the guaranteed step-by-step process (in precise detail) to make $100k+ minimum this year!!

  • Help you develop a killer Shopify store

  • Give you the best Shopify templates & apps to increase AOV, boost your conversion rate, and get more sales!

  • Give you a secret hack to build social proof instantly to help you get more orders (regardless of how many followers you have now)

  • How to build your SMS/email list of your most loyal customers so you can spend less on advertising.

After this call, you will then have 24/7 1-on-1 personal access to me so we can talk consistently (via text, phone calls, etc) about how to grow your brand.

You will also receive FREE access to:

  • The 6 Figure OWNER'S CLUB Telegram Group Chat ($50/month value)

  • My latest e-book, How To Start Your $100k Clothing Brand

Become a part of the $100K Brand Mentorship (Extended) program today!

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